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Olive & Green Ring

Olive & Green Ring


Olive & Green Ring

Measures 2.25" x 2.5"



Product Guarantee

Each piece made under the Amped Accessories brand is guaranteed.  We do our best before an item goes to its new home and we check to make sure its complete. 


The Stones

We understand that your piece could get snagged in hair, fabric or simply get dropped.  We take extra steps to check the backings, lock the stones into the settings to reduce the odds of them popping out and even polish your piece up and package it with pride.  If after all that, you happen to pop a stone down the road, rest assured we will send out a replacement stone for you.


The Movement

If your piece contains a moving part, although we cant lock the stones into the settings as it will reduce movement of your piece significantly, we still enclose extra stones just incase one pops out. 


The Piece

We understand that accidents happen.  Whether you drop your piece on the club floor, throw it in your luggage or even sit down onto it, if you break your piece, we will do our best to bring it back to life.  If you’ve chipped a stone and the remaining part is still locked in the setting, we can get that cleaned up and back home to you as quick as possible.  We understand that you wont damage your piece on purpose, so we will get it fixed up and repaired as quickly and cost effectively as possible.



Did you purchase in 2015?

Thank you for being one of the first to join the Amped Family in 2015!  Our product has only improved since you purchased your first items.  If you’ve had any issues at all with your piece, please let us know!  We will overhaul your piece for free and bring it up to our new and improved 2nd Generation Quality Level or replace it with a new item of equal value of your choosing.

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